Kensington was created out of love for children and openness to multiculturalism. We believe that our kindergarten is a great place to pursue education in every dimension.

Multicultural education can be implemented in many different ways, depending on the age and level of the children’s maturity. It aims to learn about mutual relations, and above all, to eliminate barriers, stereotypes and prejudices. In this way, based on British experience, we prepare children to function in a multicultural world. We support children in being more open to otherness, novelty, help them move away from developmental egocentrism, and support communication skills.

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Pre-school children are able to classify and evaluate various social objects according to ethnicity, occupation, age. Generally speaking, pre-school children are usually open to the other people and easily accept differences, including multiculturalism. That is why we wish our kindergarten to be the right place for children’s development also in this social area.

In addition, the peer group also plays a modeling role in the child’s life. The impact of the kindergarten accompanies the process of development and shaping of the identity (social, cultural, personal) of each child all the time. We support this process to shape the desired behaviour and attitude (openness and tolerance) from the very early age.