A beautiful house that resembles a classic British residence, such as we can find in the famous Kensighton district in London. (The building has been on the map of Warsaw since 2002). The house has an area of over 500m2, which allowed to create a well-developed space for the youngest children.

We have 5 beautiful, modern rooms for children equipped with wooden furniture and toys, 3 bathrooms, our own garden and a comfortable cloakroom. There are plenty of parking spaces nearby.

Pasek Czerwono Niebieski

The character of the interiors is minimalist. A large amount of daylight, modern design, elements of decoration straight from London bring an unusual, truly British atmosphere to the kindergarten.

We know that the sense of aesthetics develops from the first years of life. Therefore, each corner of our kindergarten is carefully arranged and adapted to children’s needs.

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