The garden is an artistic dream come true for the headmistress and co-founder – Żaneta Mroczyńska.

She has always wanted to create a place that is minimalist in the spirit of eco with a hint of magic and a British outlook. As we know, children in kindergartens in Great Britain spend a lot of time outside (regardless of the weather) – we also want to provide this to our pupils. That is why the building with its own garden is so important to us.

Strzalka Czerwona

In the garden, we want to give children the opportunity to move to the magical world of fairy tales and books. Our inspirations are among others: Six Bullerby Children, Alice in Wonderland and Indian stories.

  • Wooden Tipi, dream catchers, eco swings, magic mirrors on the walls
  • the Secret Garden, where children will find a lot of sensory elements: from bells, mirrors to colorful stones
  • In our garden live two rabbits: Kenzi and Ktonek.
Pasek Czerwono Niebieski

We know how important it is for a child to develop through the contact with nature.

We also know how difficult it is to provide this contact to a child every day. To meet the needs, we make it one of our main priorities.

Froebel, as a nature lover, emphasized that many valuable play materials can be found in nature (gifts of nature – e.g. sand, clay, water, stones) and we completely agree with him.
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