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Enrollment for 2023/24

Kensington International Kindergarten an English-language artistic kindergarten in Warsaw in Wilanów district

– a new place inspired by the philosophy of Froebel and Montessori. The idea of upbringing in closeness and respect for a small human is important to us.

We invite you to our OPEN DAYS – Saturday 08/06/24 (book here) We are starting new kindergartens groups in September.

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English Habits

Based on the experience of British preschool education institutions, above all we promote learning through: the art, contact with nature and, most importantly– daily outdoor activity regardless of the weather.

We are also introducing a daily English ‘Tea Time’ break in the afternoon and celebrating typical British holidays.

Kensington International Kindergarten is an English-style adventure and learning experience.

British Interiors

From the outside, our kindergarten resembles a classic British residence straight from the Kensington district in London – beautiful bay windows, a two-story, stylish building and its own garden. It was our priority.

We tried to provide that the interiors also fully reflected the typical English design through the use of appropriate wallpapers and decorations.



The language of everyday communication is English. Each group has 2 teachers, including at least one English-speaking teacher. Learning through immersion, i.e. complete immersion in this language, means that children will end this stage of education as bilinguals.

In our kindergarten, children feel safe, freely develop the ability to work in a group and what is the essence of British education – self-esteem.

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Original extra-curricular activities

The offer of our kindergarten, in accordance with its profile, includes primarily language and artistic workshops. Some of them are a permanent element of teaching in our kindergarten, some are an additional option for willing parents and children.

 In addition to English language, which accompanies us every day, we offer Spanish and Mandarin lessons. We also teach dance and KARATE . We are also planning ACTING classes for our pupils and many others according to the parents’ wishes.

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Authoring Programme


We have developed our individual concept aimed at familiarizing children with multiculturalism through:

  • regular contact with kindergartens in London,
  • video calls in English with children from the UK,
  • sending postcards on various holidays,
  • sharing information about traditions and customs appearing in both countries.
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Permanent cooperation with Great Britain

Our place was created thanks to our Investors from London, who have been running a network of professional kindergartens and nurseries in this city for years.

Having such business partners and relying on their experience means that we have no worries about the smooth functioning of our new Kensington International Kindergarten  in Warsaw.

Kensington -International Kindergarten is an English- style adventure.