Welcome to Kensington International Nursery & Preschool, where we care for your child from 6 months to 2,5 years old!

Our nursery not only offers diverse activities and developmental support based on the Montessori and Frobel approaches but also promotes a nurturing approach.

Our rich sensory program allows us to discover your little one’s potential through creative engagement and various activities at Kensington Nursery!

In our nursery every day for your child will be a magical journey!

We emphasize development through independence and exploration of the world through play.

Our sessions are conducted in English, where children can experiment with various materials as part of sensory play, discovering their senses and the surrounding world!

But that’s not all! Our music and movement sessions aren’t just about fun; they’re also a way to develop communication skills and creativity through music. And when the little ones are bursting with energy, we head out for some nature time!

Through outdoor activities, we combine learning, exploration of nature, and physical movement, providing a full spectrum of experiences for your little explorer.

This is just the beginning – we’ll tailor the program to suit the needs and interests of your little one!

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Why is it worth choosing our nursery?

The International Nursery offers numerous benefits.

It ensures high-quality care and supports child development based on renowned educational methods like Montessori and Frobel.

Diverse activities and a sensory program stimulate a child’s growth.

By promoting a nurturing approach, this nursery is an appealing choice for parents seeking top-notch care for their children. Additionally, the international environment can be advantageous for a child’s development, providing opportunities for interaction with peers from various cultures and nationalities.