In the offer of extra-curricular activities, artistic activities are of particular importance to us. We believe that art enriches children’s development and has a huge impact on understanding, feeling and learning about the world.

In our classes, children have a possibility to experience different types of art, which enables them to develop their own expression.


We offer:

  • movement activities that develop motility skills, physical activity and correct body posture. We currently run karate and dance classes.
  • daily English lessons with a Native speaker.
  • Spanish and Mandarin lessons, after English – they are the two most popular languages in the world.
  • acting classes.
  • weekly thematic workshops (e.g. art, cooking, music, playing in the garden, etc.)
  • the care of a speech therapist and a psychologist and additionally individual consultations with a specialist.
  • kindergarten trips

 As part of the interest of children and parents, we will introduce further additional activities to the kindergarten’s offer.

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