Dyrektor Żaneta Mroczyńska

Żaneta Mroczyńska – originator and co-founder of Kensington International Kindergarten.

She is a graduate of the Pomeranian University in Słupsk. By education, she is an early childhood educator and a master of social rehabilitation.

She worked in London for twelve years, where she got to know and explore the world of English-language education and development in multiculturalism and English traditions. She worked e.g. as a headmistress in Froebel kindergartens and Montessori institutions. She spent the last years working in kindergartens and nurseries of Tenderlinks.

Żaneta, as a person with an artistic flair, will introduce children to the world of art, music, theater and English traditions together with her team. 



Kensington International Kindergarten is going from strength to strength as the little sister of Tenderlinks (a friendly post from London and our business partner).

We rely on their several years of knowledge and experience. Kensington International Kindergarten is co-founded by Tenderlinks Day Nursery from England.

The experience gained from many institutions in London means that we know perfectly what works, what is important in creating a kindergarten and its daily efficient functioning also in Poland.